Project submission is nearly here!!!

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Project submission is nearly here!!!

3 weeks left for your Young Environmentalist Awards project!

If you have not started your project yet or if you feel you don’t have enough time, don’t worry; I have included plenty of ideas for projects you or your youth group/class can complete within the next 3 weeks.

Please find information below about:

  • Achievable projects (if you have yet to start)
  • Project submission (Feb 11th-22nd; be aware of mid-term break)
  • Awards

 Achievable projects:

  • Poster competition to raise awareness of an environmental issue (this can be done in an art class and last 1 class or a week, or two weeks. Then simply put the posters up around the schools and get some teachers / students to vote. Be creative….
  • Planting a vegetable garden / wild flower garden. This can be done during lunch time, in class, as a youth group or after school, simply plan your location, make sure soil is good and scatter some wild flower seeds. You can grow your flowers, increasing bio diversity, and perhaps research the many benefits of planting wildflowers…..
  • Cleaning up an area in your community. Is there an area that’s dirty, graffiti on the side of a house/shop, in your neighbourhood, by your school, in a park/beach. Have a look around, do a bit of research and get other classes / community groups on board too…..

Some other ideas:

  • Create a magazine / newsletter / webpage / app about an environmental issue and how to improve the environment
  • Wildlife garden/ insect Inn linking with other groups in your area (elderly, variety of schools/groups)
  • Environmental art exhibition in school, inviting other groups to participate on common theme
  • Environmental song / drama related
  • Survey of attitudes to environmental issues from a variety of groups
  • Follow an environmental issue in the media and produce a report / multi media presentation
  • An eco-information pamphlet which encourages students, staff and the community to conserve energy/ reduce water wastage or tackle an environmental issue of your choice.

To add to your project you could also consider: Letters to local councilors / Taoiseach / newspapers

Invite environmental guest speakers in to your class

Please note: Your school/group may have already carried out an environmental project or are in the process of doing something associated with the environment, you can submit it as a Young Environmentalist Awards project?  
E.g. Christmas decorations from recycled materials, Halloween costumes from items you had around the house, an area in your community you cleaned up and/or replanted, CSPE classes can register their Action project, as long as it covers an environmental issue. It will give your students extra recognition for their hard work. A TY group considering learning a new skill for other awards/programmes e.g. Gaisce /Green flag. Last year we received projects which involved art, music, drama, science, technology, school gardens and more.

The ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards programme supports, compliments and rewards projects done as part of other programmes such as: Green/Eco-Schools, Gaisce Awards, One good idea, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, IMPACT Awards, Young Social Innovators, BT Young Scientist.

Project submission:  (February 11th – 22nd 2013):

Projects can be submitted by post from Monday 11th February, 2012 until the deadline on Friday 22nd February, 2013.

Please do not submit any 3D pieces/ See note below*

Project submissions require the following completed documents, in order to judge your project correctly:

  • Your registration number (emailed to the school leader) marked on all items: reports, 3d pieces, emails.
  • Submission form (available on the website or can be emailed to you)
  • Your project: Completed written project report (max 3000 words, roughly 4-6 pages) along with evidence of work carried out during the project. This can be supplemented with a video diary, photo scrapbook, CD-ROM, Project diary, Song/music, poetry, drama, etc.
  • Teacher/Leader Evaluation sheet (print from Pg 46 of manual).
  • Participant Evaluation sheet: completed by each group member (Pg 49 of manual)
  • Group photo (hard or soft copy) Print clearly each participants name on the back of the photo, include reg. number.

As each project is unique, we do not put many restrictions on how you should present their project, or exactly what to include when submitting. Some groups may have a song, or recycled decorations to show, some may have photos of an area they cleaned up in their community, or a powerpoint presentation of a poster competition they held in school to reduce energy wastage.

*Please note: If you have 3D pieces, art/fashion pieces, decorations or large posters, photograph these pieces and submit the photos only with your report. Clearly mark your registration number on the back of each photo. Groups should consider showing scale to give a true representation of their project.  Once submitted, projects cannot be returned to entrants, but will be available (on the day) for presentation at ECO Dens and on the morning of the Showcase and Awards ceremony. *Groups are advised to keep copies of all project materials for their presentation at the ECO-Dens and the Showcase and Awards ceremony.


Certificate of Participation: All participants receive a Certificate of Participation, posted out in early May*.
Shortlisted Project: All shortlisted projects receive a certificate for their school /youth group
Highly Commended: Highly Commended groups receive a framed certificate and group members will receive a Highly Commended certificate of participation (non-award winning groups who have scored outstanding marks)

*groups attending the Showcase and Awards ceremony will receive their certificate on the day.

There are 3 overall winners of the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards:

  • Overall Senior winner
  • Overall Junior  winner 
  • Overall SuperJunior winner

Category Awards

Winners: There are Junior & Senior winners of each of the 10 categories
*Super Junior Age group is non-category specific and is awarded as a separate special award.
Please note that ECO UNESCO reserves the right to eliminate and/or combine categories where there are a low number of entries or where entries are deemed not to have reached the required standard. In this situation there might not be an award made in each category.

Click here for descriptions of each category 

Additional Special Awards 

The following special awards will also be awarded
(click on the links below for details)
Super Junior Award
NEW ECO-Alu Art & Design Award 
WasteMatchers – Something New from Something Old Award 
Local to Global Award 
People’s Choice Award 
Toyota ECO-UNESCO Club of the Year Award 
ECO-Leader of the Year Award
ECO Sustainability Award 

Find out more here:

We are looking forward to a high number of project entries this year, and if you need any help with your project or more information submitting your project please feel free to contact me at yea@ecounesco or phone 353 (1) 6625491.





 Friday March 8th

Lifetime Lab,
Lee Road,
Cork City


 Tuesday March 12th

Lough Neagh Discovery Centre,
OxfordIsland National Nature Reserve


 Thursday March 14th

Claregalway Hotel,


 Wednesday March 20th and Thursday March 21st

The Greenhouse,
17 Saint Andrew St.,
Dublin 2


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