Struggling to write a Press Release?

February 8, 2010 at 3:43 PM Leave a comment

Heres some Top Tips to help you and your group
write a Press Release in which you report on
your Environmental Actions!

A good news release will give a journalist all the basic information they need to tell a story. They can either print the release as you send it or contact you for more details.


Top Tips for a Good Release:

  1. Focus on the NEWS: Ask yourself, what is newsworthy about this story? Consider the audience of the publication and sell the story to them. 
  2. Sum it all up in the HEADLINE: This is the first thing the journalist will see. Make it clear, to-the-point and eye-catching. Before you begin the story, include the date, not forgetting the day of the week, and the town the story comes from.
  3. Think like a JOURNALIST: Write the release in short, snappy sentences and put the most important information first. Remember, this is news so make sure that your release is written in the present tense.
  4. Check your SPELLING and FACTS: Get at least two other people to thoroughly check for incorrect spelling, grammar and typos. Double and triple check any facts, figures, names, and addresses in your release. If you get information from a 3rd party, list the citation at the bottom of the release.
  5. Leave your CONTACT DETAILS: Make sure that you include contact details for journalists to contact you with additional questions, and always respond as soon as possible.
  6. Take a PICTURE: If you have good quality photos available, send them along. Write a caption for the photo following the story.
  7. The END: Indicate the end of your release by writing ‘ENDS’ or using the typographic symbol ‘###’. This tells the journalist that any text following is not part of the story.
  8. NO ATTACHMENTS! Send your news release in the body of the email as many journalists won’t open attachments.
  9. FORMAT: Use a common font like Arial in size 10 or 12. Try to keep your release short. One page is ideal, no more than two pages.   

If you need any help, contact ECO-UNESCO’s communication officer, Daniel Meister at


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