4 for 1 in Athlone

May 14, 2009 at 8:51 AM

Guest post by Elaine Nevin, National Director of ECO-UNESCO

At  St. Josephs Secondary School in Summerhill, Athlone, I saw four projects – all very different but equally good.

Elaine and St Joesphs Summerhill

St Josephs Summerhill 004One of the groups Wildlife under Water looked at a nearby island on Lough Rea which is being submerged with water because water levels in the Lough have risen. This has has had an effect on the wildlife that use the island as a breeding ground.

St Josephs Summerhill 001

Another of the groups managed to get their school to change some of the light bulbs from filament bulbs to more energy efficient CFL bulbs. They visited the local primary school and presented their project to the children there, and told some very funny energy jokes in the process!

Make Water Plantyful

Washing-up water was the focus of another one of the projects and the group found out that waste water from your washing up can be very successfully used to water flowers and plants.  Before they started the project the group thought it might actually damage the plants but wanted to see if there could be a better use for waste washing up water other than letting it run down the sink.  They showed that you can indeed use the washing up water for watering plants.

St Josephs Summerhill 003And the final project in Summerhill wanted to raise awareness of all of the beautiful wild birds in the local area. They are concerned that some of these birds may become endangered or extinct if we do not treat them better.  The group developed leaflets and gave them out in school and at home. They also built some excellent bird feeders for the school grounds to attract many of the wild birds.


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