Putting Geography on the Map in Belfast

May 13, 2009 at 8:36 PM

Our Lady and St PatricksIf you are wondering how the logistics of this Northern trip are going, I can tell you with confidence that it is organised down to the last minute. Ronan back in the office put together a great itinerary (travel agent in a past life one feels) and I hit all my visits on the nail.

With my trusty maps a little bit of the “turn left at the second lights, just past the shop with the Al Pacino poster” comments written in the margins, I find myself at Our Lady and St Patrick’s College to come face to face with the TAG Team.

This budding Geography Club had a bit of a wake-up call during the Christmas season. They were positively astounded to discover just how many Christmas cards get sent, and then of course thrown away in the New Year.

Sitting in their room, with a presentation playing, surrounded by all sorts of interesting items used for the great geography knowledge download, they explained the campaign to reuse and recycle Christmas cards.

Each class was tasked with collecting used Christmas cards, bundling them into packs of 20 and giving them to the TAG team. The team turned it into a healthy competition with prizes for the most cards handed in. Prizes ranged from tickets to see Girls Aloud to a golfing day. Some of the prizes donated were donated and they also fundraised for prizes by explaining the programme.

It is May now, and they have collected so many cards to be recycled that there bags full of old (but appreciated cards)!

To keep the very popular project alive this year, the TAG team is hard at work remaking those cards into new ones to sell, raising even more money for their environmental projects.

Of course, once they have sold them what do you think they will encourage people to do with them? Well recycle them of course! Win-win for all concerned as Christmas gets closer (well that’s what the shops always tell us)!


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