Hold the Phone in Glenlola

May 13, 2009 at 8:15 PM


Okay, these posts are a little late, but it’s just because I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the great event planned for Wednesday 20 May!

Up in Bangor last week, I started my own personal Belfast Marathon. The rain poured down but I wouldn’t let it dampen the adventure the day—I was on my way to meet 5 (count ‘em) Young Environmentalist groups in the Belfast region.

I started with Glenlola Collegiate who confirmed my long held suspicions that young people seem to get a new mobile phone every Christmas. As it turns out, the girls at Glenlola love to upgrade their phones – but they don’t want to get a new mobile at the expense of the environment. They realised that these old phones (they would class mine as an antique)were just being thrown away.

Getting a free pass from the morning assembly (I clearly do have my uses) the girls explained to me that they took over last year’s project (we do so love sustainability here at ECO-UNESCO) and made it better.

They collected hundreds of phones around Christmas time (prime mobile phone-getting season). They spent many man-hours (or girl-hour) identifying the phone on the web, taking down the registration and making sure it was safe to send. They even negotiated with the courier to have all the phones up at once to send off to the recycling depot.

They might not be quite at the reduce stage, and my reuse comment got me some funny looks as I clearly know nothing about mobile phone fashion (again, see my ancient phone nearly a decade old). But these girls do have the recycling element wrapped up nicely. The project worked so well, they intend to make this project a firm feature of the school calendar.


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