Laurel Hill’s Wind Powered Dream

May 4, 2009 at 5:43 PM

Ian with Laure HillFor many years now, Laurel Hill Secondary School has dreamed the dream of wind power. This year they are one-step closer to that dream thanks to the work of the girls I met today.

Through some quite considerable research, the girls identified that it is possible to build a wind turbine on the grounds of the school that will power not only the needs of Laurel Hill, but also the surrounding schools.

The rather windy conditions of their little space in Cork City means that a turbine is the perfect and most cost efficient method of producing power.

Their project and campaign for wind-powered energy even led one of the teachers to install a turbine on his land. So, this is one project with a wide-ranging reach from their school to their own backyard. The Laurel Hill group has helped their peers and teachers switch-on to the possibilities of wind power.

After the initial set up cost of the turbine, the group estimates that the school could save around €500 a month! That’s good news all round!

Laurel Hill Wind TurbinesThe group took me outside to show me the proposed location of the turbine. As it is under 30 meters, it won’t need planning permission. So, it seems that this plan could be viable, with a little bit of funding.

After a photo session, a chat and a quick meet-up with the principal, I left wondering if the new mascot of Laurel Hill would become Don Quixote? Well done girls, I hope soon you will be living the dream.


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