Gardening in the Glen

May 4, 2009 at 6:20 PM

I would like to say I was able to race across the city of Cork, but I encountered the traffic across the river, which emphasised once more the need for a better public transport system and of course bicycle lanes!

Having made it across, I was guided into YouthReach the Glen by one of the Youth Workers where I met up four lads responsible for turning the outside of their Centre into a community garden.


This has not been the easiest of tasks, especially as they hit concrete after digging about half a food down. After a generous donation of topsoil and a lot of hard labour, the group build a solid bed for an excellent little garden.

I chatted to the guys inside their centre and they were clearly happy about being chosen and given the chance to come to Dublin for the Young Environmentalist Awards (for the show, and to do a little shopping for some elusive trainers).

! It was a bit of a miserable day weather wise, but the guys braved the rain and showed me what they planted.

They explained that they hope to one day be able to eat the veg in their kitchens even as part of the FETAC cooking classes run at the YouthReach Centre.

I have to say, they were skeptical when the project began—especially when they learned that manure was part of the top soil. But hey, that’s just part of the great learning process of the Young Environmentalist Awards.


It’s not easy keeping a garden at the best of times, but the group has done a great job and will continue to work hard on it.

So good luck to them, and now to head back to Dublin…it’s still raining!


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